Are you ready to work on yourself for yourself?

Nov 20, 2022

 by Diane Singleton

Are you ready to work on yourself for yourself?

Remember tomorrow never comes, so why don't you start today as we will get you fit, you don't need to worry about getting fit to join a fitness class at DS Fitness

If you are looking to join a fitness class in Barrow in Furness that delivers results in a friendly, motivating atmosphere, then DS Fitness exercise classes with Diane Singleton are for you. No need to worry about joining us for the first time, as these classes are suitable for all fitness levels.

The Fitness Class timetable has a fantastic mix of Cardio & HIIT to help you burn a ton of Calories. You can choose from a selection of classes including Step, Circuit, HIIT, Group Fight (Combat), and a new class called Pulse which is an Interval training class.

Diane knows how important it is for you to use weights, especially for anyone looking to lose weight, reduce body fat % and change their body shape. She has added, Group Power, Kettlebells and a great selection of Core workouts. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve in just one month, with weights suited to your level of fitness
The Fitness classes have been planned so you can do a cardio followed by a resistance, weights workout. This means you can get the benefit of both.

If you suffer from back ache, want to shape your core, flatten your stomach, tighten your waist, we offer Pilates, core & posture, group core.

The Fitness Classes are available in the morning 9.30 am or 10.45 am and evenings 4.30 pm and 5.35 pm

If you would like any more information, please message Diane on 07766162511 or click here to download our November Timetable

You can pay per session to see what the classes are like, to book a fitness class use this link
You don't have to be a member at DS Fitness, you can pay per session.
There is no better time to start, let's get you booked in!!