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DS Fitness Gym is a small friendly well equipped Gym with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

DS Fitness is great for anyone wanting a private gym that focuses on results, working at your pace. The aim is to guide, encourage and motivate you, build confidence, teach you good technique and form, so you achieve your goals and feel amazing.

The important part of training is enjoyment. So we run monthly challenges to help you stay focused & motivated,which means you improve your level of fitness and get closer ot your ultimate goal. These programmes are suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities. 

YOUR GOALS can be achieved!

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You’ve done the quick fixes

Tried the latest trends

We offer long term results with a personalised plan

Building everyday fitness in a supportive, friendly community.

We have a plan for anyone that wants to be better tomorrow than they are today. No matter where you are starting from.

You don’t have to get fit to join us; we will get you fit.

Start your fitness journey NOW !

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We offer personalised gym programmes to do at DS Fitness, in your own gym or at home.

Personalised Gym Programmes 

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Live the lifestyle and enjoy your results.

We can keep talking but your RESULTS will speak the for themselves!

You’ll be surprised how quickly you look, move and feel and live better once you begin your DS journey. We’ll make sure you have the support you need to get you to your goals and sustain them!

We’ve got you covered!

YOUR GOALS can be achieved!

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