You will build strength, get lean, get toned and work all the major muscles with this total body workout.

Each track focuses on delivering amazing resuts to a particular body part 

  • Track 1 - Warm up and rehearse movements using light weights
  • Track 2 - Legs - This will Increase strength and definition of legs
  • Track 3 - Chest - Increase strength and definition of chest and front shoulders
  • Track 4 - Back & Legs - Increase strength and definition of back and legs and improve posture
  • Track 5 - Tricep - Increase strength and definition of tricep
  • Track 6 - Biceps - Increase strength and definition of bicep
  • Track 7 - More legs - Increase strength and definition of legs using multiplane movements in different combinations
  • Track 8 - Shoulders - Increase strength and definition of shoulder
  • Track 9 - Core - Increase strength and definition of core muscles
  • Track 10 - Recovery -  Promote recovery and optimize performance with strategies that counteract the effects of strength training and overused daily postures 

This is an amazing class for anyone wanting to feel good, Shape their whole body, Strengthen their muscles to reduce pain, Shape & trim their butt ,legs arms and stomach and above all enjoy a fun action packed workout that is suitable for anyone wanting to feel and look fitter. 


I'm Ready to shape my body