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Fabulous Females Boot Camp Drop a Dress Size
$87.50 every month
Fabulous Females Drop A dress Size Boot Camp is an amazing (Nutrition + Fitness) x Accountability program that gives you everything you need to succeed and reach your goals.
Fabulous Females Boot Camp is designed to be carried out in your own home accessed via your mobile device in your chosen environment, a month of unlimited classes and Gym programs at DS Fitness and Nutritional and Weight Loss advice, as well as all the motivation and accountability to be successful.
The 4 week Women's online programme is an introduction to feeling good, looking good and losing the belly bloat, as well as focusing on dropping a dress size. We will deliver you a structured plan to follow per week.
Each session is instructor lead with options to suit every level of fitness, to enhance your workout and give you the confidence that you can achieve your desired goals! To accompany this programme, you will be given access to;
- 3 new workouts unlocked every week (accessible for 4 consecutive weeks).
Unlimited Workouts at DS Fitness for 1 month
- Online weekly check ins with Diane Singleton
- BMR Calorie calculator with suggested weight loss - Diet plans
- Nutritional and supplement guidance
- Information handouts to guide you on your fitness journey.
- The Diane Singleton App with your own private area to log your progress
- Daily Short workouts
- Daily Information to help you understand how to achieve your goals and - - -
maintain your results
- 4 Day Debloat
- The mindset of weight loss
- 7 Steps to sort your gut
- The Step, Run & Walk Club
- Focused Monthly Fitness Challenges ( 4 week Core Shred Program)
- Support group on Facebook for motivation, accountability and encouragement.
The only thing you need to get started is a phone, lap top or iPad.
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your day the Fabulous Females way!
ONLY £87.50
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