Online Coaching with Diane Singleton 

  • ARE you fed up with training and not getting results no matter how hard or how often you train?
  • DO you want to get leaner, fitter & healthier but have no idea on what’s the best training and nutrition methods to achieve this?
  • DO you want to improve your performance in your chosen sport but have stopped progressing and want advice on how you get to the next level?

If you have answered YES to any one of the 3 questions above, you are on the right page!

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Who is Diane Singleton 

My goal with my nutrition coaching is to work individually with each client to learn about you – and together figure out how we can create your healthy lifestyle that will give you your personalised plan for fat loss. To design a plan that will work for YOU – backed by the latest scientific information..

We focus on good nutrition, good lifestyle habits and fitness, along with optimum recovery so it’s game on for shaping your body & losing excess body fat. Weight Loss & Fitness is an individual journey.

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