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  • April  2nd – Stop & Go
  • April   9th – Pyramid Scheme 
  • April 16th – Turn it up
  • April 23rd – Hard Gains 
  • April 30th – Leg Day


April  2nd – Stop & Go - A low impact full body burn!

In STOP 'N' GO we concentrate on time under tension by utilising isometric holds for strength & balance superset with power based dynamic movements. 

April   9th – Pyramid Scheme - A full body accumulator using minimal space.

Each pyramid has 4 moves that work the core, upper, lower and cardio - all with impactless options to keep the neighbours or joints happy!

April 16th – Turn it up

Designed for 'yaw' core. This twist and turn workout uses thoracic twists and speed agility to train your core reactively.

April 23rd – Hard Gains 

Sometimes you can't beat hard and simple. This workout will test your mental toughness using basic moves and a modified tabata formula.

April 30th – Leg Day

All the benefits of leg day with no weights required in this strength and stability focussed lower body workout.