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Hi! I’m Diane,

I’m a Certified Womens Fitness & Weight Loss Specialist 

Are you Fed up of struggling with your weight and doing all the fad diets and exercise programs out there and getting nowhere?

A Weight Loss Specialist is:

  • A fitness professional who is qualified to develop a specialized exercise program for weight loss.
  • A coach and a guide who can help clients understand the physiology of weight loss and different factors that affect weight (energy balance, diet, stress, sleep, hormones).
  • A coach who supports his or her clients throughout their journey.
  • A resource to clients for guidance on sources of credible nutrition information.

Weight Loss Clinic - With compassion comes transformation

The goals of my Weight Loss Clinic is to assist clients in achieving their goals of weight loss through a safe, structured program of nutrition, diet,exercise, and also identify, address, and coach clients on other factors that may be  hindering their weight loss.

The Goals & Responsibilities of a Weight Loss Specialist

  • Assist the client in achieving their desired goal of appropriate weight loss.
  • Help the client identify factors affecting their weight and/or inhibiting their weight loss.
  • Support the client through a successful weight loss journey.
  • Ensure safe and appropriate movement patterns.
  • Engage the client in consistent and sustainable movement that is aligned with their goals of weight loss.

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Weight Loss Specialists Role 

As a Weight Loss Specialist my responsibility is to design and implement a personalised program that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. A successful weight loss program will integrate your prefered choices for diet, fitness and lifestyle modifications to ensure your success. We must also establish a clear timeline and provide an outline of specific strategies that will be employed. I will review diet and lifestyle factors that may be affecting your weight loss goals.


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