Women & Weights

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Women & Weights will give you a full body transformation

If you can dream it, we can achieve it!

The female body is incredibly dynamic and adaptable, so I address all aspects of fitness and offer the best  program throughout  the different phases of life. 

Regardless of occupation,age, pre or postnatal status, or peri or menopausal status I will help female clients achieve their goals and I will integrate all aspects of training into a program that includes appropriate progression to lead to maximum results over time.

I focus on the different needs of women throughout their lifespan.

General considerations for Women

My programs work with women throgh the different life phases that include natural changes and progressions surrounding developmental stages , such as adolescence, reproduction, and menopause. Each life phase has unique characteristics, but the main considereations when training females start with the difference between women and men.  

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Women & Weights Monthly Programme

This is a personalised GYM programme that focuses on showing you how to achieve your goals. The Women & Weights workout plan is designed to fit around your busy schedule and can be different each week. 

  • Change your body shape 
  • Lose weight - Drop a jean size or 2 
  • Feel amazing
  • Strengthen your back & Trim your Core.
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