Resveratrol 100mg





Health Benefits at a Glance:
Resveratrol can promote longevity and help fight certain aspects of the aging process, promotes healthy insulin sensitivity and supports cell energy-producing mitochondria. Simultaneously, the formula used in Resveratrol contains Quercetin which also contributes to longevity promotion by encouraging cardiovascular health, helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels and lower oxidative stress.

Why it Works:
Resveratrol is a plant compound which supports the healthy expression of genes associated with slowing down various aspects of the natural aging process. Found in red grapes, resveratrol is especially useful for promoting longevity. The most active form of resveratrol is called trans-resveratrol.

Research demonstrates that calorie limited diets can activate youthful gene expression, a process that delays certain aspects of aging. But resveratrol helps to induce the same favorable gene expression changes without the difficult diet to adhere to.

In higher doses, resveratrol promotes healthy insulin sensitivity, encourages enhanced mitochondrial function (the function of the “powerhouse” of the cell), promotes a normal inflammatory response, and protects against the negative effects of a high-fat diet. The formula used in Resveratrol includes pure, potent resveratrol from whole red grape extracts.

Finally, quercetin is also found in the formula for Resveratrol formula. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that encourages cardiovascular health and contributes to maintaining normal cholesterol levels and lower oxidative stress for an overall longevity-promoting effect.


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