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Common Myths About Fitness
Common Myths About Fitness

Common Myths About Fitness The Misinformation We’re Constantly Exposed To Fitness is an ever-growing industry with so many myths and misconceptions.Pair that with the internet, where millions of bits of information are uploaded every second, and you got yourself a...

Poor Posture

The Effects Of Poor Posture On The Musculoskeletal System Do you slouch, slump, or hunch when sitting or standing? Have you ever wondered why there is so much emphasis on a good posture? Do you think it relates only to physical appearance or do you think it has actual...

Pilates & Core Sessions

Top 5 Benefits of Pilates & Core Pilates is a mode of exercise taught in a slow controlled manner like yoga, but thats where the similarity ends. . It is composed of about 500+ exercises that are intended to stretch and strengthen musculature throughout a balanced...


We know you are bombarded with the latset fad diet and the best exercise to get you amazing results. But we make sure all our content is backed by science and teh latest research. So a fantastic source of information to help you Reach your goal. 

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