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Getting enough sleep is the single best thing you can do for your health—not to mention your productivity and creativity. Not only does your brain need quality sleep in order to “clean” and balance itself, but it’s also during slumber that the heart and blood vessels repair, the immune system strengthens and hormones are balanced.


Calmful Sleep starts with Natural Calm and magnesium glycinate to soothe nerves, relax muscles and provide support for over six hundred various functions in your body. This magnesium blend also balances your calcium intake. Without enough magnesium to balance the calcium you take in through diet and supplements, muscles can tense, cramp, spasm and twitch. Low cellular magnesium can also lead to headaches and sleeplessness. Because Calmful Sleep was designed for those times when you need a little extra help getting enough rest, we also added a potent blend of sleep-promoting nutrients, including Suntheanine®, a patented premium form of the relaxing amino acid l-theanine, calm-enhancing GABA (a non-protein amino acid) and melatonin, which helps the body ease into restful sleep. Calmful Sleep is the solution to restoring a healthy magnesium level, balancing your calcium intake, and getting the sleep you need to restore natural vitality.

Magnesium as magnesium carbonate, magnesium glycinate (220 mg), gamma-aminobutyric acid (100 mg), L-theanine* (50 mg), melatonin (5 mg)

Other ingredients: citric acid, natural flavor, organic stevia (leaf) extract.

Magnesium carbonate and citric acid, when combined with water, create a solution of magnesium citrate.

  • Contains no sugar, fructose, artificial color or flavor.
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free

For occasional sleep support*, mix up a soothing cup of CALM and sip your way to serenity before bed.

Step 1: Add half a teaspoon (1g) to 1 teaspoon (4g) to 2-3 oz. of hot or cold water.

Step 2: Let it fizz, then stir until dissolved and clear.

Step 3: Sip and enjoy, then drift off into restful ZZZs.


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