The all natural muscle building powerhouse has arrived. Konda CRUSHES the competition. Most brands would sell these ingredients as separate products but we have combined them into one all natural muscle building powerhouse.



Konda-V2 – Natural Muscle Builder


Epicatalean® is a patented version of Epicatechin 90% meaning you are getting only the highest quality Epicatechin available.

If you’ve ever heard about the health benefits of green tea and dark chocolate, you’ll be surprised to learn that the bioactive compound in these ingredients, epicatechin, can yield brilliant results when supplemented at super high doses alongside your training.

So what’s so great about it? It enhances muscle growth in a much more natural, safe, and outright clever way. Myostatin, a protein that limits muscle size, is reduced by larger doses of epicatechin. Epicatechin consumption yields the protein follistatin, which binds and inhibits the function of myostatin.

To put it directly, the threshold on muscle growth is lifted by reducing myostatin levels, achievable through epicatechin supplementation.

In addition to the wonderful limit lifting abilities of epicatechin, it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which stands between you and your best performance, optimum recovery and increase in gains.

500mg of epicatechin per serving – you’d have to eat a LOT of chocolate, with fat and sugar and all, to get near to this level.

Tongkat Ali 

Though best known as an aphrodisiac, tongkat ali has many uses. Traditional medicine uses the fruit, bark, leaves, and root of the shrub to treat various ailments.

Tongkat ali or longjack as it is also known is purported to have benefits for sexual health. It’s touted as a remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED), low sex drive, and male infertility. The herbal supplement is also said to improve physical fitness, boost mood and promote bone health.

Erectile Dysfunction and Libido

A 2021 double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trial published in Maturitas found improvements in erectile function in older men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone when they combined regular workouts (60 minutes of progressive training three days a week) with a tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) supplement.4 These men also had an increase in testosterone levels.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is common and many may turn to dietary supplements for help. Tongkat ali may benefit male sexual health, including infertility, because of its affects on testosterone levels.

A 2017 systematic review on clinical studies published in the Chinese Journal of Natural Medicine looked at 11 studies evaluating the effectiveness of tongkat ali on sexual health in men, including how it affected male infertility. The authors of this review found evidence that the herbal remedy may improve male infertility by increasing semen volume and enhancing sperm health.

Physical Fitness

Tongkat ali is also marketed to athletes as a supplement that increases muscle mass and strength, and improves endurance due to its testosterone boosting effects.

A 2021 randomized controlled trial published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice found that tongkat ali supplementation improved muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness in a group of men with low testosterone.

Reduce Stress and Boost Mood

Some people supplement with tongkat ali to reduce stress and boost mood. In a 2013 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine, researchers found that supplementing with a tongkat ali root extract restored stress hormone balance and improved mood in a small group of people (63 participants)


Laxogenin is part of a group of compounds known as brassinosteroids, hormones found in plants. Similar to ecdysteroids like Beta Ecdysterone and Turkesterone, brassinosteroids are responsible for the regulation of genes and growth in plants. It isn’t prohormone, it has a different mechanism and works uniquely, and is said to cause no side effects. Though there are no human studies to show effectiveness, it has plenty of positive user experience.

What are the benefits of taking Laxo?

Laxogenin is a potent muscle building supplement, meaning it may:

  • Enhance protein synthesis
  • Increase lean muscle growth
  • Accelerate recovery
  • Improve strength and stamina
  • Increase exercise performance

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract is a bioactive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Studies link many potential health benefits to this ingredient. These include enhancing nutrient absorption, supporting heart health and aiding the immune system.

So, what’s the best way to get a dose of this compound? Whilst showering black pepper over your Sunday roast is a good start, it’s unlikely to have the same impact on your health as using a concentrated supplement.

Konda V2 contains a standardised amount of Black Pepper Extract. This makes it a convenient and effective way to access the powerful health benefits.


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