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Personally Designed GYM Programs Just for women 

From adolescence to pre-and post-pregnancy to menopausal, busy schedules to physical limitations, everybody is different, and every fitness need is just as unique. That’s why i’ve created a program that’s perfectly aligned with your female demands and individual needs.

As a Women’s Fitness Specialization it gives me the ability to confidently design and adjust fitness programming for your needs, regardless of your stage in life and personal need.

Feel confident with small group personal training ( Maximum of 4 like minded women)

– Not sure what to do in the Gym,

– Never seem to achieve the results       you deserve,

–  Don’t feel confident in the Gym

NO PROBLEM, I am here to Support, Guide, Encourage, Motivate  and work with you to help you achieve your goals in your time frame.


Women & Weights small group Sessions

What type of training do I need to do to get in shape and firm my body?

If most of your training is cardio-based, any muscle you have will start to erode very quickly and you will find SAGGING SKIN replaces your tight & toned body!


  • Prioritize weight/resistance training
  • Get your cardio as you train weights, like in my Group Power Class and specially designed Women & Weights Programs!

I CAN HELP COMPLETE BEGINNERS and anyone wanting to see amazing result !

Join my Women & Weights 4 week Challenge, for a Happier, more confident, , healthier, Slimmer you.

These programs offer you the FASTEST way to BURN MAX CALORIES and SCULPT YOUR BODY.

Women & Weights 4 Week Challenge

Women & Weights  4 Week Challenge
  • Personal assessment & goal setting with time frame
  • Women &  Weights Personalised GYM Program
  • Small Group  GYM Inductions Sessions ( Max 4 People)
  • Fridays 1.30pm and 2.30pm
  • Saturdays 11.15 am or 12.15 pm or 1.15 pm
  • Unlimited Use of the Gym for 4 Weeks
  • 10 minutes sessions – stomach – arms – legs
  • Monthly Lifestyle plan
  • Assessment to help youryour goals  starting point, so we can better plan for your goals.
  • Cardio – Fat Loss Personal Plan

Women & Weights 4 Week Challenge

I am a Fully Qualified Womens Fitness Specialist

  • Training Women for Optimal Health & Performance
  • Weight Lifting for Women
  • Training Women trhrough different life stages
  • Nutrition for menopause
  • Exercise stratergy for Perimenopausal To post menopause.

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